Fran Finals & Upside Down Challenge

Today’s Workout

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

6 Hang Power Clean (135/95)
9 Handstand Push Ups
15 Double UndersI’ve got a lot to write about today – so please read through to the end.

Part 1: The CFLA Upside-Down Challenge starts on Wednesday! Here are the details…
1. Upside Down – this means inverted. You can choose whatever version that is appropriate for you. Here are some options: frog stand, headstand, handstand against the wall, free standing handstand, handstand on paralettes.
2. On Day 1, start with 1 minute. This means you accumulate at least 1 minute upside-down.
3. Each day, increase by 10 seconds… meaning that by day 31, you’ll be inverted for 6 minutes!
4. No need to do it continuously… break it up into however many sets you’d like each day.
5. The MOST important part is consistency… if you miss a day, you can make it up the following day… but don’t get too far behind!

Part 2: “Fran.” Never has one woman’s name created so much effort and angst in a group of people as it did on Saturday! And in case you missed it, it was quite an event! A lot of firsts at this challenge…

1. The first time we started things off at 10am
2. The first time we had a food truck!
3. The first time that competitors got beer when finished.
4. The first time we’ve done a Toys for Tots toy drive.

Our big winner for the day was Jamie N. She improved by 40.35% from a time of 7:36 in the prelims to a finals time of 4:32. Congrats, Jamie! For a complete list of finishing times and improvements, check the spreadsheet below.

Oh – and a BIG shout out to Carlos – who shot photos and then put together this fantastic slide show!

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