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Today’s Workout

“Fight gone Max” – by Chad F.
In this version of Fight Gone Bad, follow the traditional workout, but as soon as you break from your rhythm in a movement, you must stop. So if you drop the wall ball, or stop box jumping after 5… that is when you must stop. This version stresses accuracy and form above raw stamina and endurance, will reward the combination accuracy with stamina.

There is no better way to spend time at the beach doing something that is fun AND athletic, than playing a good game of Hooverball! Hooverball is essentially volleyball with a 6 pound medicine ball and although the fundamentals are easy, being actually good at it takes practice. Greg W., our Hooverball “Commish”, has scheduled weekly pick-up games for the past month – there is another one this coming Sunday. These are in preparation for our Annual Hooverball Tournament, coming up on Saturday, August 28th.

For those of you who have never been to our Tourney, let me describe it for you. Everything is centered around FUN – no experience is necessary. Teams are created that morning at random. We pre-identify the best players and make them all team captains. We then take everyone else and put them in a men’s pool and women’s pool. We populate the teams (3 or 4 people) first with the women – drawing at random one woman per team… and then we complete each team by randomly drawing the men. The first part of the tournament will be a round-robin, and the second part a playoff. You will feel both like you had fun, and got a workout… I promise soreness for sure the next day!

So if you haven’t signed up, get your name down on our sign-up sheet in the gym. Regardless of your level, it will be a really great time!

Michael & Jennifer. Click here For more of Carlos’ photos.



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