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Today’s Workout

“Fight Gone Double-Team” – Tanya B.
In this version of “Fight Gone Bad“, work with a partner and complete the traditional FGB workout with the following exceptions:
– 90 seconds per movement / station (rounds will be 7:30, with a 1 minute rest between each round )
– Only 1 person may be working at a time
– Accumulate as many reps/calories as possible together with your partnerKnowing what you’re supposed to eat for good health or for a diet is one thing… actually putting it into action is quite another. I mean most of us know that you’re not supposed to eat sugar, you should reduce the quantity of breads and grains you eat, and you should get most of your carbs from vegetables and fruit. Now, how many of us actually do it?

For those with various food intolerances, diseases, or allergies (like Chrons, ciliac, thyroid, etc) actually doing it is the most important part… it’s the part that creates a life that is workable… that creates health and vitality through diet and nourishment. And here’s the thing… it doesn’t have to be restricting or feel limiting. In fact, many people eat gluten free, dairy free, and have eliminated dozens of foods that cause specific problems in their bodies – and still LOVE eating! That is the purpose behind Sally Parrott’s (a CFLA student since Feb, 2010) new website and business Tith fo Health… helping people learn to live with specific dietary restrictions in a way that still enables them to love eating food! Check it out.

Lookin’ good, Anastasia!



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