Last Chance to FGB!

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Today’s Workout

“Fight Gone Forever” – Ross G.

Complete for max total reps:
3 min. Wall Ball
3 min. SDLHP
3 min. Box Jumps
3 min. Push Press
3 min. Row
– 1 minute rest between each movement.This is our last scheduled Fight Gone Bad practice before the event itself (next Saturday, 9/25). One of our former students, Kristin Disher, who moved out of LA about 8 months ago, is coming back for the event. She sent me a t-shirt design idea that she created on that I thought was awesome. We tweaked it a little bit… and the result is below.

If you’d like one, YOU must call and to order it… Remember, if you raise over $150, you will ALSO be receiving (for free) an official FGB5 shirt (after the event.) To place your order for either of the shirts below, call Uberprints at 1-866-440-8237,Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm (EDT) AND for them to find the shirt, you must reference Order #1397009. Make sure you tell them you need to receive it prior to next Saturday.

Thanks, Dish, for your creative contribution to our CFLA Crew and Fight Gone Bad!

Screen shot 2010-09-16 at 6.20.52 PMScreen shot 2010-09-16 at 6.20.34 PM



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