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This past weekend I attended a bachelor party for my fraternity brother in upstate New York.  He didn’t want anything crazy, except his buddies, a house in nature, and some good hard chilling.

I have stayed connected with this group since 2000, and it was awesome to hang with several guys whom I hadn’t seen in a while since moving, and to find out what they’ve been up to.  Many were married, some had kids, but we all left our daily lives back at home, some traveling across the country, to be with the bachelor. 

I often pride myself on staying in communication with all my friends, whether they be from growing up, college, or post college.  I don’t burn bridges, there is no reason to do so.  I try not to compare or to be judgmental, as I try to remain rational with an open mind. 

Your friends are a support system that can carry you through a lifetime, so keep them around, and celebrate with them any opportunity you have.

Wednesday’s Workout:

“Franklin Hill: Up, Over, Around & Up”

2 rounds, each for time on the 15:00

And Coming Thursday:


QAMRAP 12 @ </= 7 RPE
12 Toes to bar
6 Muscleups
12ft Balancing Foot hand crawl
–SOMSAVS scoring–

5 Sets @ 80% C&J
2 Jerk drives
1 Split jerk
2 Front squats



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