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Today’s Workout
5 rounda of
10 “L” pull-ups
10 pistol squatsThe most exciting change we have made to the Whole Life Challenge this year is that you now have the opportunity to enroll anyone in your life to do it with you! The same tools that are there for you — the scoreboard, the blogs, the discussion forums, the structure, the community — can be used by anyone you think would like to take on a powerful transformation of their life around their health and fitness.

Just like you they will commit to something big. Just like you they will tune into their well-being daily. Just like you they will train themselves to make empowering choices. Just like you they will face the challenges that everyone grapples with around a consistent practice of health. And just like you, they will make a profound impact on their life.

One of the greatest benefits to you (outside of being the person who gave someone that gift) is this — there is nothing that will solidify your commitment to the game more than making yourself the example to follow. Becoming a leader is a great way to bring the challenge to you. It is an exciting way to say, “I am going to do this!” Making the game important not only for you but for your community will give you results you haven’t yet imagined.

Now, they can’t win our challenge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have prizes! This is your game and you’ll want to make it exciting! Everyone should have something at stake, and the kitty is up to you!

If you are already registered for the Challenge, simply go to your profile in our challenge website, click on the “invitations” tab and follow the instructions.
Want more info? Check out these documents:

Enrolling your friends and family & So they want you to do the Whole Life Challenge

Ready to take it on



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