Full of Good Excuses?


1 RM BS (Back Squat) 25 min

1 RM Press 15 min


Urban Course

Adv: 3.4 Run (<6:00 mile)
Int: 2.7 Run (6-8 mile)
Beg: 1.6 Run (>8:00 mile)

5 Jumping Lunges (2-ct)
10 Mountain Climbers (2-ct)
15 Flutter Kicks (2-ct)
***Coaches will have maps and instructions for athletes***

Rowing option for non-runners:
Adv: 5,500m Row (<1:45 500m)
Int: 4,500m Row (1:45 – 2:00 500m)
Beg: 3,000m Row (>2:00 500m)

Sit with this question for a moment… really be with it…

How many times in your life have you not done something because:
– the time wasn’t right,
– you weren’t ready,
– you needed to prepare more,
– you didn’t feel like it,
– you needed to be fitter before starting,
– you were scared
– you thought it would take too much time
– you thought you’d fail
– you didn’t think you were smart enough,
– you thought it would be too hard
– you thought others would make fun of you,
– you wouldn’t have enough money
– you didn’t know how
– you weren’t ready to be accountable

I found myself making this list and realized that I could stay engaged for quite a while adding to it. I personally have a pretty unlimited list of reasons not to take something on.

But what if you didn’t have a choice?

What if as soon as you knew it was something you should do (hint: you’ll know when this is it’s when you come up with a “good” excuse), you had to do it – and you went at it knowing that you wouldn’t fail, but you’d be challenged every step of the way? What if you had no excuses… because you had no choice…

What if you were born with one leg? Plenty of excuses… no choice. Watch this video below… and then think about your excuses. (if you’ve seen it before, watch it again with this context).

The time is now.

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