Great week ahead! We’ve got a team workout,  “Set Your Record Day,” and several bring a friend workouts to help you work off Thanksgiving.  

On Wednesday author Dr. Gary Reinl will be here talk about why Icing is bad for you when you get injured. Bring questions and an open mind.  7:30PM and free!

Finally, ALL CFLA’ers are welcome to the annual, “Sweatsuit Dance Party.”  Saturday night (get there BEFORE 10) at Zanzibar (5th and Arizona) and wear a sweatsuit.  #FUN. 


Monday’s Workout

For time, in teams of 4 with 2 people working at a time:
Deadlift (20,000/22,500/17,500)
300 Situps
Front squat (7,500/10,000/5,000)
Shoulder to overhead (5,000/7,500/3,500)
150 Pullups
1mi Run (in increments of 200m)


Tuesday’s Workout

“Set Your Record Day!”

A) Power PR (20 min)
For load, choose 1 of the following:
     1 RM Deadlift
     1 RM Back squat or Front squat
     1 RM Bench press

B) Bodyweight PR (10 min)
For reps, choose 1 of the following:
     2min Burpees
     2min Situps
     2min Pushups

C) Metcon PR (12min)
For time, choose 1 of the following:
     800m Run
     1,000m Row


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