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It is my experience that CrossFitters are a rowdy fun-loving bunch of people. Left to their own devices they will invent games out of thin air. They will compete over anything, or nothing, and laugh about it when it is done. CrossFitters do tabata squats at the bar, brings kettle bells and jump ropes on vacation, and plot epic cheat meals in their free time. They compulsively watch workout videos, saying “Wait, wait, look at this!” until their spouses and roommates finally cry foul. CrossFitters are up for anything at any time, and yet also adroitly adept at creative complaining, without ever actually saying no. CrossFitters instead say, “What if…?” What if we made a game of this? What if I could do this faster? What if everything were this much fun?


Today’s Workout

For time:
Snatch Balance (95#/65#)
Ring Dips



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