Functional Training

Today’s Workout
For Time:
Deadlifts (225/155)
Handstand pushupsWhen I was back home for the holidays, I had the chance to work out in Eastern Michigan University’s Varsity weight room. I’ve been there before, and I was amazed by the changes I saw this past visit. The isolation machines (lat pull-downs, leg press, cable crossovers) had given way to kettlebells, TRX straps, bumper plates, tires, sledgehammers, and ropes!

The influence that functional training has had on the world of fitness is massive and undeniable. At EMU, they still use some isolation stuff (mainly to strengthen the neck & shoulders to prevent contact injuries), but the bulk of the training is stuff that you’ve seen–olympic lifting, powerlifting, and high-intensity interval training using free weights & odd objects. EMU isn’t alone–college weight rooms everywhere are starting to resemble more & more…a CrossFit gym!

It’s pretty cool to know that the type of training we do here is just like what’s used to train Division I athletes. Your workout today isn’t that different from what a starting linebacker is doing!


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