Game of Throwdowns 16.2 Results!

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Friday night’s event for 16.2 was super fun!  All-around, more people showed up and more money was raised for the Westside Food Bank.  There were also some pretty great performances, and a couple PR’s,  most notably Jake hitting a 185lb clean PR during the workout at the buzzer. Great stuff!

As for the CFLA team competition, this week’s winner is … the PM team!  This week it was a clean sweep for PM in the categories however the margin in performance especially was really close.

Participation: PM (by 15%)
Philanthropy: PM (by a lot – Silent Chris came with it this week!)
Performance: PM (by 6 reps, which is .2% margin! Amazing!)

The PM leads the AM team leads 11-8 overall.

Here are your CFLA high performers for 16.2:

Women’s RX:
1. Alyssa Parker – 175
2. Niki Marek – 174
3. Shirley Brown – 172

Men’s Rx:
1. Zach Goren – 340
2. Benet Heames – 175
3. Andy Petranek – 174 (5:08)

Women’s Scaled:
1. Lindsey Pearl – 427
2. Monica Sone – 423
3. Maddison Gan – 262

Men’s Scaled:
1. Keith Fielding – 430
2. Jake Kramer – 424
3. Jason Levin – 346

Just as a reminder: we validate all scores on Monday.Please get your scores in promptly – and make sure you take your slips of paper with you so you enter the correct score! Looking forward to Friday.

Tuesday’s Workout

“Franklin Hill 1, 2, 3”

3 Rounds for total time
50m Sprint (1st to 2nd light)
100m Sprint (1st to 3rd light)
150m Sprint (1st to 4th light)
–All intervals start on the 3:00–

Wednesday’s Workout

Box squats

B) Rowing fair
Focus on drag factor

C) FQ & SOMSAVS score, ≤7 RPE
Squat cleans (70-75%)
*5 Sit to stands




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