Game of Throwdowns 16.4 Results!

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Who else feels like they got hit with a baseball bat to the back of the legs? I know some of you feel it in your quads and lower back. Ooof! 16.4 was a doozy — and you guys did great.

The winning team for 16.4 is … The AM team! Congrats AM for getting their first win of the Open.

Here’s the breakdown:

Participation: AM (by 1 person!)
Philanthropy: PM (still making it rain!)
Performance: AM (by 90 reps)

Here are your CFLA high performers for 16.4:

Women’s RX:
1. Alyssa Parker 178 (8:03)
2. Ryan Gorman 178 (9:17)
3. Shirley Brown 173

Men’s Rx:
1. Zach Goren – 190
2. Andy Petranek – 189
3. Pete Mann – 181

Women’s Scaled:
1. Lindsey Pearl – 218
2. Diz Rivera – 190 (9:50)
3. Jennifer Shoskes (10:40)

Men’s Scaled:
1. Clark Porter – 263
2. John Bonds – 241
3. Fernando Montero – 227

This coming Friday is the last Open workout. Do not miss “16.Bondsi-Q” after the last event where PM Cap John Bonds will dazzle with brisket. Bring your A game and a side dish and let’s close down the season properly.



Tuesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness


3 Rounds
10 CTB Pullups
10 Burpees

1mi Run
–50 squats at halfway point–
100 KB Swings (32/24)
1mi Run
–50 squats at halfway point-

3 Rounds
10 CTB Pullups
10 Burpees

–45 min cap–

Wednesday’s Workout

Bench presses

B) Rowing extravaganza

C) 4 RFQ (30:30)
Double unders
Deadlifts (55%)
Alt Rev lunges w/ pass-through (45/30)



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