Game of Throwdowns, the Final Showdown – 16.5

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The workout that all the veterans dreaded the most reared its ugly head for the final CF Open 16 workout. 16.5 was indeed 14.5. UG! And though so many of us had vowed to never do that terrible WOD again, we still showed up and gave it our all. Having a scaled option this year made it so much better for many of us. I personally did not slip into another dimension like when I did this in 2014 at Rx. Hooray for scaled!

Before I get to the results of the battle between AM and PM, I want to thank both teams for the stellar fundraising efforts. We raised $1,564 for the local Westside Food Bank! Genevieve from WFB spoke before the Open event on Friday expressing her gratitude for our support of our community. She quoted statistics of where the money and their food efforts go. It made me that much more proud of all of you. You should be proud, too.

Now for the winner of 16.5 … the AM team!

Though the AM team made a great run the last two weeks, the PM team remains victorious for the CFLA Game of Throwdowns 2016! Thanks to PM and AM captains, John Bonds, Chris Carlson, Todd Riley, and Niki Marek, for all their work and leadership

Here’s the breakdown for 16.5:

Participation: PM by 4%!
Philanthropy: AM came through with the $$ this week!
Performance: AM by a total of 17 mins and 6 seconds

Here are your CFLA high performers for 16.5:

Women’s RX:
1. Alyssa Parker – 11:52
2. Niki Marek – 12:32
3. Tanya Bentley – 15:34

Men’s Rx:
1. Zach Goren – 11:23
2. Andy Petranek – 14:32
3. Auggie Quancard – 14:46

Women’s Scaled:
1.┬áMonica Sone – 12:24
2. Diz Rivera – 17:18
3. Miranda Naylor – 18:04

Men’s Scaled:
1. Keith Fielding – 13:20
2. Matt Lai – 13:57
3. Clark Porter – 14:01

Until next year, friends!

Tuesday’s Workout

2k Row @ 26-30s/min
–2min Rest between rounds–

15 Sit to stands
15 Kipping ring dips

Wednesday’s Workout

Box squats

B) Handstand walk riot

C) 3 RFQR on the 4:00
12 Kipping pullups
300m Run
Max Hand-release pushups from plate
–3min Cap each round–




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