Game Face

One thing I notice in many advanced athletes is how calm they are and how little effort they appear to be putting out. I had the privilege recently to train with some international level rowers. While watching them, they looked so relaxed. Then, I leaned over and looked at their rowing monitor and they were actually moving REALLY fast! Another example is Usain Bolt. He just broke the 100m world record, running it in 9.58 seconds, but he doesn’t look like he’s straining, he’s not making crazy faces, or flinging himself across the finish line.

So, what’s the deal? Efficiency! Advanced athletes use the muscles they need to and not the ones they don’t. Remind yourself next time you’re working out — Are your shoulders hiked up in your ears for no reason? Is your face relaxed? Is there a rhythm to your breathing? Use what you need for the task at hand, and nothing else. Save it for what’s coming next!

Wes prepares to squat 295lbs three times.

Today’s Workout

1200m Sprint

– 2 min rest interval

800m Sprint

– 3 min rest interval

400m Sprint

– 4 min rest interval

400m Sprint



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