Games Qualifiers

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There were three different qualifying events this past weekend, and more coming up in the next three weeks. Have you noticed the differences between the workout choices for the different regions? (You can find them all in at the website) Which region do you think has designed the best test for their athletes going to the CrossFit Games to compete for “World’s Fittest Athlete”?

The new Olympic sport of synchronized wall ball – Jocelyn, where are you?

Today’s Workout

Complete 1 Snatch every minute for 12 minutes

– rest 5 min –

Complete 1 Squat Clean every minute for 12 minutes

Instructions – Choose any weight to start with. Increase the weight only if you are satisfied with the quality and speed of the lift. There is no “score” for this workout, keep track of the range of weight lifted from set 1 to set 12.



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