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Simple. In 4 words: Get In the Game.

I’m learning how to play the guitar. I’ve been taking lessons now, on and off for the past 3 years. I show up to my lessons (actually, my teacher comes to me) and it’s fun – casual, we play tunes, he writes out progressions to new songs, I learn a new strumming technique. And between lessons I practice… usually while watching TV. It’s relaxing, it’s fun, and I’m slowly getting better.

But I’m hardly “In the Game.” 

No. To be in the game, I would need to up the ante. Make it a bit more risky. Give me a better reason to have focused practice, not just practicing while relaxing and watching TV. To really be in the game, I would need to schedule a date for a performance, in front of other people. This would help to organize my brain around being ready (or not). It would put me at risk of failing. It would give me a clear intention. It would help me know where I stand as a player (because I’m learning guitar so that I am comfortable playing with others, not so that I can just do it in private). And in spite of how scary that sounds, it would serve me in my development as a guitar player by causing a different level of commitment, of practicing, and of proficiency. Yup… that’s exactly what I’ll be doing soon… picking a date and playing guitar on stage.

Now, lets talk about this in terms of YOUR training. What’s the BEST way you can do the same thing for your training that I’m talking about doing for my guitar playing? Well it just so happens that the CrossFit Games Open starts next week. It’s a 5-week event that CrossFit uses to narrow down the field of people who will be invited to compete at Regionals and from there, qualify for the Games. 

But in OUR community at CFLA, that’s not what it’s about at all. The Games Open serves as the event each year during which you can put yourself on the line, at risk, and practice Being In the Game.

As Eminem says, “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, This opportunity comes once in a lifetime”. Well, this opportunity comes each year… but this just might be YOUR best shot. Don’t wait. Even if you’re not “ready”. 

The first workout is next Friday, Feb 27. Each week for 5 weeks, we’ll be doing the workout that gets announced on Thursday evening as our WOD on Fridays. And then we’ll be repeating it on Saturday during a special Open event.

This is YOUR chance. Register now here ($20)… and join our CrossFit LA community, and Team CrossFit LA. Lets get in this game, together!

Wednesday’s Workout

A) Sots press (20 min)
5 x 5 Working up as heavy as quality allows

B) Bar muscleup skill practice

30 Double unders
10 Jerks (50%)
5 Bar muscleups

And Coming Thursday

21 Wallballs to 10’ (20/14)
15 Toes to bar
9 Snatches (115/83)
**Courtesy of Crossfit St. Paul**




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