Get Off the Bad Carbs for Good

Today’s Workout
Front Squats
3 sets for max reps (bodyweight / 3/4 bodyweight)
-rest 3-5 minutes between setsWe’re 4 weeks in to the Whole Life Challenge, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve already experienced significant results. I’ve lost 7 pounds (didn’t know I had any to lose) and I feel pretty awesome all the time. My beard (what I have of one anyway) is growing faster, and I’m sweating more (after a warm-up run, I look like I just ran a 5k). I’m also finding that it’s not so hard to live “bad carb” free, it just means being a bit more conscious about what I’m putting down my gullet. But it’s about to get hard… from what I remember last year, really hard! In fact, just last night I came home and said to Julia, “I really want a cupcake.” (the new Sprinkles Cupcake ATM doesn’t help that craving at all).

And when it get’s hard, two things help keep me on track: 1. Satisfaction from the results I’ve seen thus far, inspiring me to stick with it (or to jump back on board) and 2. Reinforcement of the health reasons for maintaining this sort of diet. The following infographic for me is a simple reminder and explanation of the process of getting fat and why sticking to it, regardless of the difficulty, is something really worth doing.

Before you jump to the infographic, take a moment to list the results you’ve seen thus far (post them in comments). Keep it simple and easy… a few words for each result.

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