Gettin’ DOWN!

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So I wasn’t actually there for this monumentous occasion, but the picture says it all – Valerie W. in a full squat! When Val first came here about 6 months ago, she was lucky if she could get into a 1/2 squat (down to a 20″ box) with decent form – now, squatting to a 12″ ball looks almost easy! Remember that full depth in a squat is BELOW parallel because our goal is to be efficient, effective and strong in full ranges of motion, especially around the hip joint. It just goes to show that ANYONE can do it with enough persistence and practice. Keep up the great work, Val!

Today’s Workout
For time:
100 sit ups
40 Kettlebell swings
20 Pull ups
400m Run
20 Pull ups
40 Kettlebell Swings
100 sit ups



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