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Today’s Workout

Spend 20 minutes on plyometric drills
For time:
30 Squat Clean and Jerks (135/95)What sort of criteria do you use to decide whether something stays or goes in your life? Is it the money? Effort? Time? Resources? Difficulty? Logistics? Or does it have more to do with whether, at the end of the day, it leaves you satisfied and complete? That regardless of the cost, effort, time, challenge, etc, it was worth it. Is it sometimes that the struggle is the thing that keeps you in the game? That makes it exciting, fun, challenging, engaging?

For me… I can find a way to pretty much justify anything… if I want it badly enough… as long as I know that the result is one that I really want. But that begs another question… does the end justify the means? I mean does the process really matter… the journey? Is the ‘how you do it’ the thing that determines whether you feel satisfied and complete? What might you have to do to yourself in order to make getting the result you want possible? The answer to this question might vary from one thing to the next… like for a workout, the answer might be ‘yes’ – that the temporary pain and suffering is OK knowing the result you’ll get down the road, where a similar amount of pain and suffering in a relationship elicits a very different answer.

My advice in this… don’t stop asking these questions. We each can get out of balance when we’re doing things out of habit, not asking questions… and forging ahead in spite of checking in. So take a few minutes (our hours) to really dive in… ask yourself these difficult questions about the job, workout, relationship, degree, project, boss, school, sport, etc… and remember, you don’t have to do anything as a result… at first, it’s only awareness that you’re after.

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