Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

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A) For time and reps in 10 min:
Run 1 mile (adv)/1200m (beg)
Max strict chin ups in remaining time
B) EMOM 5 no rack:
3 snatch balance (increase wt. ok)
C) EMOM 5 no rack:
3 push jerk (increase wt. ok)
10 dips
5 broad jumps 7/5


15 min to work up to a heavy triple
B) 3 rds for reps:
:30 OHS @ 55-57.5% of 1RM Snatch
:30 Rest
:30 Strict Pullups
:30 Rest
C) 4 Rds on 3 for Max TTB (:90:90)
250(adv)/200(beg) row
Max TTB in remaining time
I know you’ve heard me talk before about getting comfortable in the uncomfortable, right? That’s where the ‘special sauce’ is. If you spend the rest of your life simply doing what’s comfortable, you never get to stretch into anything new, different, or bigger than what you though you could do. So the trick is to get comfortable being uncomfortable, right? What a great metaphor that we get to actually live out, physically, in our CrossFit workouts – after all, pretty much EVERY CF workout puts us in that uncomfortable place.

Rather than talk about it, I’m going to go ahead and take a big leap – and do something that makes me VERY uncomfortable, in service to stretching, growing and not ‘diving for cover’ (staying in my comfort zone). I’ve been working on writing a book for the past couple years… a book about fitness, CrossFit, and dialing in long-term, sustainable results by balancing what we do (intense training) with consistency, easiness, fun, endurance and rest. Well, in about a month, the book will be a reality. And since I received a copy of the front cover of the book, I’ve gone through a myriad of emotions… most involve me wanting to dig a very deep hole in the ground and hide down inside (that is, after all, my comfort zone)!

It’s not that I don’t love the book, what it says, or who I have been in writing it… wanting to hide is about being afraid of stepping foot onto a world-wide stage in a very public way and saying, ‘Here I am’. So, I’m considering this as practice (and sweating as I write this)… like I would be practicing in front of my family – in front of the people that are my biggest fans and supporters, who have helped me grow as a person and coach and who have all been a part of the process for and contributors to the writing of the book (whether you knew it or not).

So – HERE I AM and HERE IT IS. Below is the cover of “Fire Your Gym“. Wow… I’m excited, and nervous… and ready. Hope you like it. It’s not available yet, but don’t worry, I’ll be sure to let you know when it is.

And by the way, in case you were wondering… the title does NOT mean ‘fire your CrossFit gym or affiliate’. In fact, completely the opposite! It’s a call to action for people sick of the same old thing they get from doing workouts the same old way at their ‘Globo Gym’.

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