Getting Outside

Today’s Skill
Parallel bars

Today’s Workout
Deck of Cards
Diamonds=push ups
Clubs=sit ups

Today’s Game
Freeze TagCrossFit LA Kids spends most of our playtime inside the gym. We do take the occasional run to the tree and back, but the majority of what we do is inside. As spring shows itself more, so do the options of getting outside. It is also a great opportunity for getting together with friends and family. I personally love walking, hiking and dining outside. Living in Southern California allows us many opportunities because of our wonderful weather and the landscape we are surrounded with. My goal for you: Get outside and play! Here are few examples of things you and your family can do outside:

Go to the Beach:
• Beach volleyball
• Boogie board
• Fly a kite
• Surf
• Swim
• Walk

Go to the mountains:
• Camp
• Hike
• Picnic lunch
• Take pictures

Go to the park:
• Have a BBQ and invite your friends
• Play a game: freeze tag, relay races or scavenger hunt
• Play on the jungle gym
• Ride a bike

I hope this list gives you a few ideas of outside activities. Now get outside and get your body moving and have fun!

Isabella running outside!

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