Getting Ready for the Whole Life Challenge

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Today’s Workout
Partner Workout
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of

150m Row
10 DB Thrusters (40/25)
5 push ups

With a partner, one person working at a time, complete the circuit above.
Each partner completing the circuit is one round.
The first partner must complete the circuit in its entirety before the second partner begins.With the Whole Life Challenge fast approaching, there are a couple of things that many of you may be interested in checking out before we start. While we are not going to be using body fat or blood test panels in the measurement part of the challenge, we know that you may be interested to see what kind of a difference your efforts will make in those areas of your fitness, so we’ve arranged for a few things to be available for you in the next few weeks!

  • BODY FAT ANALYSIS. We have a new service we will soon be offering at CFLA — Ultrasound body fat testing, a highly accurate (comparable to underwater weighing), quick and convenient way to track your body fat percentage. For our clients, body fat testing will be available as a regular service for $25 a test. If you are participating in the Whole Life Challenge you will receive a special price! For $25 you will get TWO tests, one at the beginning of the challenge and one at the end. This is a great way to get a real picture (yes, you will SEE your fat and muscle!) of how much your body composition shifts over the course of 8 weeks! Contact your coach to set up an appointment. If you prefer, you can also visit the Body Fat Truck for underwater testing in several Locations around Los Angeles. The cost of 2 tests is $84. Click here for their calendar of events.
  • BLOOD TESTING. There are several blood tests that many of you might be interested in getting before and after the challenge as well. Markers like hemoglobin A1c, blood lipids and C reactive protein are good indicators of what’s happening INSIDE in response to your nutrition. We recommend Accessa Labs for a battery of blood tests that will allow you to check in before and after the challenge to see how things turned out. For $99 for the Whole 30 CrossFit Panel (1 test) or $170 for Whole 30 CrossFit Panel and recheck (before and after) you will know how your metabolism is responding to the work you will do during the Whole Life Challenge. Click on their “Find My Lab” link to find a draw station near you. Want more info? Ask your coach!

Neither of these tests are required for your participation in the Whole Life Challenge. You may, however, find them very revealing after 8 weeks of hard work!

If you haven’t registered, there’s no time like the present!




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