Getting Testy


5 rounds for time of:
12 Deadlift, #155/105
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Jerk


Body Weight “Fight Gone Bad”
A. Strict Pullups
B. Double unders
C. Squat
D. Hand-release pushups
E. Sit to stand
Workout consists of 3, 5 minute rounds. In each round, the athlete performs
each movement for 1 minute, accumulating as many reps as possible, before
moving to the next station. After completing all 5 stations, there is a 1 minute
rest before starting the next round.

You may begin at any station in the workout, but take note! You will want to
start at the same station when you repeat the test. It matters!
Over the course of the last few of days we’ve been taking tests at CFLA. I like taking tests that I know I am going to pass with flying colors, but these tests aren’t for passing. They’re designed to show you everything – strengths and weaknesses. I don’t particularly like taking tests that might tell me something that I don’t think I want to know — like I’m not as strong as I think I am or I’m slower than everyone else.

It’s really interesting. I don’t think I’m outside of the norm, but resisting testing really makes little sense, given what I’m here for. I show up, week after week and put in a lot of effort to get stronger, faster, and fitter. You’d think I’d want to know definitively whether it’s worth my time or not. The pre-testing is designed to pinpoint exactly where I am so that I can track the effectiveness of my training. I want to know, but I don’t want to take the risk of finding out I’m not as good as I thought.

I think that we may not like the idea of measurements because we make a mistake about what is being measured. Rather than measuring performance — how effective the training is, we think they are measuring us. Ever notice how when things don’t go the way you planned or hoped — something like you lift less or run slower than you thought you would — you find yourself saying something negative about yourself (“I suck”) rather than evaluating something about your training? Rather than be interested in how it happened, you make it personal, mostly without even realizing it.

It’s hard. We’re programmed to protect ourselves from threats. It’s safer to expect the worst or not build up expectations. If I bust my own chops, it can’t get any worse when someone else does it. It becomes training in not expecting anything from myself. If I don’t expect anything, I can’t be disappointed.

Funny things, we are. I know that there are two “me”s at work here. The “me” that strives for more, and the “me” that is willing for it not to get any better just as long as it doesn’t get any worse. When I think about it, it just seems silly. Knowing all of this, would I really “volunteer” for a life of “just not any worse, please?” It appears that the test, or any objective evaluation, is the only way to what you want if you really want more than just “fine.”

Andrew putting in new platforms!!
It’s all about teamwork here at CFLA! Niki and “Dad” install our new lifting platforms together.

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