Getting Zzzzzzzzz

Today’s Skill
Arch and Hollow

Today’s Workout
5 rounds:
10 arch rocks
10 squats
10 hollow rocks
10 push ups
Run to Tree

Today’s Game
Egg on a stickRewind 20 years, 6:00am the alarm goes off. My mother was out of bed and into the shower. Next, she attempted to wake my sister and I. In an effort to wake us, my mother would crank up the music, start cooking and yell the occasional get out of bed threat. I remember never wanting to get out of bed. This happened most every morning, despite what time I went to bed. Sound familiar? It might be because sleep, just like food and water is necessary for the growth and health of our children. Lack of sleep can lead to irritable, unfocused and even sick children. But how mush sleep is enough?

From infant to teens the amount of sleep needed is varied. Studies have shown that as children get older they require less sleep, it’s a good thing because as children age, their commitments and activities increase. Getting enough sleep is challenging because most kids I know are up and off to school before 8am. Parents and children alike know when the school bell rings the day is not over. Most kids are off to sports practice or another extracurricular activity. Afterward, kids still must make time for homework and dinner. In order to get the required amount of sleep, to bed they must go. Kids sleep needs vary depending on age. Check out this Link on Kids health for specifics and your child.

Who’s sleepy?

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