Are You Getting What You Ask For?

Today’s Workout

3 rounds, for time:
200m Farmer’s Walk (50% bodyweight)
21 Knees to Elbows
15 Seated Shoulder Press (40/25)
9 Renegade Rows (40/25, 2 count)

Watch this video clip to learn about Renegade Rows.A blog I read recently on Food Renegade got me thinking. The article was about butter, or rather, the absence of butter. The author discovered to his dismay that every restaurant he went to, where he asked for butter, he was given margarine instead. Sometimes the staff did not even know the difference. Same thing when he asked about broth. He was told he was getting homemade broth, when he was really getting reconstituted powder.

Which makes me wonder — many of us are pretty picky about how we eat when we go out, but do you think you are really getting what you ask for?

Where’s the butter? It’s not where you think it is. Not long ago, someone was treating me to breakfast and took me to I.H.O.P. I asked the waiter if he could bring me butter, and he brought me margarine.

“Excuse me,” I asked him politely, “but do you have any butter butter? Real butter, I mean, not margarine?” His momentarily confused expression quickly passed, and then he promised to go ask his manager.

Five minutes later, the manager came out and asked me what I wanted. I reiterated that I simply wanted some butter. I wasn’t trying to be a pain, but surely the restaurant had real butter somewhere back in the kitchen.

Five minutes later, he returned. “We don’t have any butter,” he said.

To read the whole article — “Where’s the Butter?”

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