Gin and Tonic

Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Every minute on the minute: Lateral Burpee ladder

Min 1, 1 Lateral burpee
Min 2, 2 Lateral burpees…..3,4,5
(hop over cone)

When you can no longer complete all burpees in designated minute, you are cut off. Rest one minute then 800m run for time.
Score is rounds plus reps and 800m time.

…and coming Thursday (NO CAP)
Find 5 Rep Max
5 min, as many rounds as possible:
10 Box jumps (consecutive rebounding)
10 Situps

The box jumps should be rebounding, no matter how small the box. 8” boxes or 45# plates are acceptable scaling options.It’s been a year since I’ve had amnesia. Well, there’s a bit of irony there perhaps. I’m not aware I’ve had any amnesia, for going on a year now. For a long time I’ve experienced periodic bouts of amnesia associated with migraines. It was disturbing at first (forgetting the names of your friends and family) and then just awkward (forgetting all your login passwords), but after a while, in its own strange way, the onset became familiar and the situation workable. It was a real productivity-buster and forced me to dial back on the days it happened, but I got by. I was actually able to teach classes at CFLA mid-migraine on a few occasions, because despite the fact I might have forgotten I knew you, I could still teach you how to squat. (This just goes to the importance of the squat, my friends.)

Strangely, although I’ve had migraines, I haven’t had any amnesia since moving to Portland. I sleep better now. Or rather, I sleep. I eat mostly well, which I always did. But mostly, I don’t work so frickin’ hard all the time. I work, and I do work hard – but not all the time. Sometimes I just sit. Sometimes I just read. Sometimes I take naps, not because I’m exhausted, but just because I feel like it. Sometimes I sit in the backyard with a gin and tonic. Sometimes I lift weights. Sometimes I eat paleo and sometimes I eat ice cream.

I’m not racing in circles anymore. I’m not always checking my to-do list. I’m not in such a damn hurry all the time. I don’t go to bed feeling not done yet and I don’t get up feeling behind. Maybe the amnesia was a fail-safe. Maybe I was overloading my brain with stuff. Maybe it was enforcing breaks of quietude upon me and I don’t need those anymore.

I think what I’ve found is a golden mean, a lovely moderation. I do things, and I do plenty, but I’m not the girl who does everything anymore. That girl was nice and all, but she’s more than a bit exhausting. I think I fight my body less these days, and as such I don’t get injured and I don’t lose my memory. My body doesn’t feel it must shut me down to slow me down.

It’s not that I had to move to Portland to find this; it’s that I had to find the Portland in me. So today, maybe, find a bit of Portland in yourself. You don’t need to do everything. You don’t need to do nothing. And have a gin and tonic on me.

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