Giving Handles to your Progression

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Monday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Push or Split Jerk 3-3-3
5 Rounds for time of:
20 Jumping lunges, 1 count
12 Push ups
200m Run

… and coming Tuesday (CAP)
“The Rest is Burpees”
Five rounds starting every 4 minutes:
Each round is 25 reps total
– Max reps Front Squat (BW / 2/3 BW)
– Burpees (remaining reps up to 25)
Score is reps of front squats and total time for each round

We often talk about CrossFit as a fitness training program that more closely resembles training for a martial art than it does just getting into shape. Progressing in CrossFit, while most certainly about fitness, also means improving in things like movement ability, flexibility, power, speed and skill. It’s a sport that requires virtuosity across a wide variety of movements and skills, and challenges each of us in determining just what to work on to progress.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a system to help give you all “handles” on your training. So that you can progress through levels indicating both proficiency in movement as well as your ability to use these movements under duress in a workout. What I’m talking about is LEVELS… and what we’ve created are Wrist Bracelets for indicating your level. We’re working on filling out our Levels and bracelets, but I’ll share what we have so far:

Level 1a: White, proficiency in basic movements
Level 1b: Orange, proficiency in more advanced movements (still developing)
Level 2a: Blue, proficiency in bodyweight, weighted and metabolic stress during a series of workouts (still developing)
Level 2b: Purple, advanced proficiency and speed
Level 3: Black, Virtuosity in all types of movement

Next week (on Tuesday, December 11th), you’ll have a chance to officially take the Level 1a test during normal classes at CFLA. Put that date on your calendar as a day not to miss class, for sure! And to make sure you’re prepared, Click here to see the checklist for the test to earn your White bracelet.




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