Glance at the Week

Glance at the Week

Here are basic points for the week:

Monday – goal is to hit 3+ at 90+% on the Wendler Back Squats and rock fairly heavy squat snatches while playing with wall balls.

Tuesday – Intent is clean up all those awesome progressions happening with the pistols and move some modestly heavy deadlifts.

Wednesday – Don’t drop the KB – simple. Can you rest it on your shoe? Yes. Can you lay on the floor and rest it on your shoulder some mobility drill? Yes. But that’s not the point. Point is keep that thing moving and get back on the rower. We’re not checking your cleverness on this one…

Thursday – Point is to go overhead aggressively and with quality speed.  Additionally, part B can be a great check point for your CTB pull ups altogether.

Friday – Well, we don’t know what 15.5 will be yet?  However,  thrusters, deadlifts, pistols, and box jumps are yet to make an appearance during the Open.  Odd’s are we’ll see a couple of these elements?


Monday’s Workout

A) Back squat (Use 90% of 1RM + 8-20lb as 1RM)
80% x 3
85% x 3
90% x 3+

B) Double under skill practice

C) 5 RFT
10 Wallballs to 10’
1 Squat snatch (80%)
**10min Cap**

And coming Tuesday

A) Toes to bar skill practice

B) 4 RFT on the 4:00
10 Burpees
10 Alt pistols
10 Deadlifts (50-55%)
 **3min Cap each round**




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