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Here at CFLA, we’re about balance. Like the perfect balance between going buck wild this holiday season and then reining it in with the Whole Life Challenge come January 16.

Holiday parties are fun, aren’t they? How about a good office rager where Craig from the mail room drinks a liter of egg nog before he tackles the Christmas tree to relive his defensive linemen days? Or when Stephanie, the new partner, has grabbed the mic to sing her sorrows to the crowd?

When I was a broker, our holiday parties were off-the-charts wild mainly because brokers are most concerned about full-tilt satisfaction of the exact moment. That always makes for a good party though. Here were some of the rules of those parties of Christmas past  …

It’s not a broker party until the following has happened:
* Someone has fallen
* Someone has caused another person to fall
* We’ve crashed a large corporate party being held at the same hotel at the same time
* We’ve taken musical instruments off the stage of the crashed party and played them until they are taken away from us and we are kicked off stage
* We’ve stolen centerpieces from the crashed party then sprinted from the ballroom
* We’ve taken other partiers’ clothing and hats and paraded around in them for at least a half hour, including the ol’ underwear on head routine
* We’ve torn clothing
* We’ve hit on another person’s wife/husband
* At least one surprising hook up has happened somewhere – the location the least of concerns
* “Open Bar” has become a large, expensive regret
* We tell the hotel staff to keep refilling the banquet serving platters with more food – brokers are insatiable!
* Someone’s publicly thrown up
* We’ve made up several new dance moves that may or may not involve: grinding on others (sometimes on strangers from the crashed party), and/or flopping onto the ground
* Some part of the body that should not be exposed had been exposed, accidentally or otherwise
* Someone has danced alone nuzzling their cocktail
* The bosses have given away expensive, electronic gifts that no one needs
* We’ve complained about every aspect of the party
* At least three formal complaints have been made to the hotel about us

I think I missed a few. It’s been a while. I have witnessed each of the above and MAY have done a few myself. Point being, those were good times. And we hope you have your own version of good, holiday fun – then be ready to rein it all in on January 16.

Register before Jan 4 for the Whole Life Challenge to receive a discount. And make sure to join the CrossFit LA team!


Tuesday’s Workout

“Med Ball Mania”
20 Wallballs (20/14)
20 MB Russian twists
10 MB Sit-to-stands
200m MB Run
**MUST hold and control MB for the entire 5 rounds of the workout. 5 half inverted burpee penalty anytime ball leaves hands except during WB (yes this includes loss of control on the WB as well)**
–20min cap–
–See 10/24/14–

Wednesday’s Workout


B) 2 RFQ (:30:30)
Crossover plate pushups
Diagonal plate chops (R)
Crossover plate pushups
Diagonal plate chops (L)

Sit to rotate to sprint
200m Run
–1min Rest between rounds–



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