Go easy or go home.  Adding recovery to your training.

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Monday’s Workout (No CAP)
Tabata Burpees
60″ Rest
Max Squats in 2 minutes
60″ Rest
Tabata Sit Ups (anchored)
60″ Rest
Max GHD Ext in 2 min
60” Rest
Tabata Row (calories)

Every rep counts, 1 score for the whole workout

…and coming Tuesday (CAP)
Complete as many front squats as possible in 12 minutes of:
“Farmer’s Walk Front Squat Ladder”
1 DB Front Squat (40/20)
Farmers Walk across the gym and back (40/20)
2 DB Front Squats
2x Farmers Walk across the gym and back
– score is total number of front squats you finish under 12 minutesOn Friday I talked about going hard – high intensity sprinting – and it’s value to your training. On the flip side of that coin is recovery – something we don’t talk about much with CrossFit. How important is it? Well, I would ask you this… for how long are you planning on being in the health and fitness game for? A year? Two? Five? Or is this something that you’re committed to for the rest of your life?

If you’re in a hurry, and you want results fast, you can probably sustain yourself without much recovery, following the 3 on, 1 off or 5 on, 2 off model of CrossFit’s. But I would say that if you’re in this game for the long haul, allowing your body to adapt, recover, rebuild and recover is absolutely essential to your long-term health.

And what do I mean by recovery? A day in which you avoid the Black Hole, ensuring your heart rate stays below 70% of your max. I actually have a hard time doing this – it’s uncomfortably slow. I find that this is a great use of a heart rate monitor (to keep me from going too hard). I’m getting in at least one recovery run every week right now, how about you?

How many recovery workouts do you incorporate into your week?
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