Go hard or go home.  Adding high intensity intervals to your training.

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Friday’s Workout
For Time:
50 GHD sit ups
followed by:
Three rounds of:
500m row
20 push ups
2 rope climbs
followed by:
50 GHD extensions

…and coming Monday
Tabata burpees
1 min rest
Max squats in 2 minutes
1 min rest
Tabata sit ups (anchored)
1 min rest
Max GHD extensions in 2 min
1 min rest
Tabata row (calories)

Every rep counts; track score for each movement and the total for the whole workoutWhat’s the point of high intensity (sprinting), really? It’s incredibly uncomfortable, it’s hard, it hurts, it taxes your entire neuromuscular system, and it has very little direct correlation to what you do in your “normal” life. Does this mean we shouldn’t do it? No way.

Here’s the thing. Intensity, moving as hard and as fast as safety and form allow, is something that we as human beings evolved to do. 10,000 years ago, it was sprinting – moving in for the kill. Today it might look like sprinting, but it also takes the form of any movement in which you push yourself to maximal effort. Just 10-15 minutes of high intensity intervals create an incredibly potent 1, 2, 3 punch on your body – nervous, musculo-skeletal, and respiratory systems – WHAM! And the ramifications are huge – forcing significant adaptation in all areas. Ask any runner that regularly does interval/sprint training at the track, and they’ll tell you that the most difficult and physically demanding workouts they do are their sprint track workouts. And I would say that these workouts have the greatest impact on their system.

How many high intensity sprinting workouts do you incorporate in your training each week?
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Those of you that are already doing it, fantastic! If you’re not, consider adding it. Your body will be thankful you did – well, maybe not in the moment, or on that day, but in the days, weeks and months following grin.




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