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Do you plan on living to be 100? What about the quality of your life as you age past 60? Are you planning on spending it in good health, active, and enjoying your life?

You don’t really have to make a plan to do either of these things; however, what you do today has a huge impact on your “not-so-distant future. Your lifestyle choices around the food you eat, the exercise you get, the hours you sleep, and the stress you maintain in your life (and your processing of this stress) all play a factor.

If you look forward toward the rest of your life and think about how great it is going to be, bring yourself back to today. Are you energetic, full of vim and vigor, balanced in energy through the day, waking up refreshed each morning, or are you exhausted, stressed out, getting sick regularly, or suffering with minor digestive disorders? Little things today, mean trouble later on.

Suggested reading: Schwartzbein Principle by Diana Schwartzbein, Bike for Life by Roy M. Wallack, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

Try this: Take 1 step toward making a better choice today – work out, go to bed earlier, eat more veggies and fruit, plan a vacation, schedule a day off.



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