Goin’ on a Diet!

Did you hear about the Oklahoma City Diet? The city was named one of the top 15 fattest cities in the US, so the mayor decided to put EVERYONE on a diet. He challenged the city to lose a collective 1 MILLION pounds by December 31, 2008! He’s even set up a web site for residents to sign in to and track their weight loss. If he can keep people accountable to their diets and motivated to meet his challenge, it could completely transform the health and fitness of his city. So far, over 6,500 people have registered and they’ve lost 1,390 pounds.

There is amazing power in a group or community that is committed to a common goal… at Petranek Fitness it’s elite fitness, in Oklahoma City, it’s losing weight… go Okies, go!

Alex ripping out bicycles.

Today’s Workout
AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
400m Run
max Push Ups
– your score is the total number of push ups you complete in the workout
– you are finished push ups, when you can no longer complete another without resting out of push up position.

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