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Today’s Workout
Five rounds for time of:
800m Run
21 Wallball (20/14)
12 Toes-to-Bar – No kipping!Frequently, we are tricked into thinking that a workout has to be long to be hard. I remember the days where I wouldn’t even bother working out if I didn’t have at least an hour! Since I started CrossFitting (over 7 years ago), it’s been rare that I’ve challenged in a workout that is over 30 minutes. And the crazy thing is that even though I don’t do them regularly, when I do, even though it’s hard, it’s totally doable.

“Enjoy” today’s workout. It’s long… and when you’re done, you’ll feel like you did something. Know too that each time you step up to the plate for short ones (12 minutes or less), you’re improving your capacity for WODs like today!

A moment of clarity.



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