Going Moderate & Never Giving Up

Going Moderate & Never Giving Up


RPE 7.5
For Quality
A) EMOM 10 min
O: 5 FS @ 67%
E: Max candlestick levers (slow and controlled)

B) 5 rounds for time and quality:
250 m Row
10-8-6-4-2 Strict pullups


Four rounds for time:
6 MU (6 Strict CTB Chin ups/strict dips)
12 Sit to Stand with Med Ball (20/14), no anchor
24 Wall Ball 20/14Yesterday I had the opportunity to train with the 1pm class and do a workout at 75% effort. What’s the big deal with that? I don’t remember the last time I started an 8 minute workout and said to myself, Just go moderate. I mean, I THINK that right before the workout starts… but then my ego and adrenaline take over and I launch myself at the workout with reckless abandon. And most of the time, that comes because I’ve just taken a look at the leader board and decided who’s score I want to shoot for (or beat).

But yesterday was refreshingly different. I didn’t look at the board. And I told myself, 75%… that’s it. So I started pretty easy – at a real moderate pace. In fact, if you looked at my air squats, you might even say they were slow. And then at the end of the first round, I didn’t just jump back up on the bar for more pull ups, I waited… and took a rest… even though I didn’t really need to (metabolically).

What this did was allow me to really make full use of the 8 minutes, and it allowed me to keep a pace that I was almost able to maintain for the entire workout. And it felt good… and almost easy. And when I finished, I had the distinct feeling that had I gone hard, I might not have scored much higher.

What’s the point of this? Well, what I take from it is that it is important to go easy, just as it is to go hard. And as I write this, I’m wondering just what MY next experiment is. I’d like to do a 5-10-15 format amrap workout during which each round I achieve a ‘negative split’, meaning I get faster and faster for each throughout the entire workout. That is something I’ve never achieved in a CrossFit workout. Good experiment – fresh, fun, different.

In the video below, Arthur was willing to try pretty much anything to figure out how to get the result he wanted. What’s the experiment you’d like to try – that you haven’t done yet, that might give you some insight into how you perform or how you can get the results you’ve always wanted?



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