Going Somewhere?


A) For quality:
2 cycles of :30:30 (30 work, 30 rest/transition):
Pushup (adv as possible)
KB power clean alt. arms
Dip (adv as possible)
Hollow hold
B) EMOM 10 (increase wt. ok)
1 H. Sq. Sn
1 Sq. Sn

C) 2x AMRAP in 3 min, 2 minutes rest between AMRAPs (3:2) of:
50 DU
20 ring dip (kip ok)
:30 max DU attempts
:30 max dips


“Pinball Scores”
Section 1
A) In 2 mins max reps of sit to stands (full lockout stand)
rest exactly 3 mins
B) 2 mins max total lbs Sq. Cl.
– athletes choose weight of barbell
– multiply reps by lbs on bar
*Multiply part A (sit to stands) and B (total lbs cleaned) for Section 1 score.

Rest exactly 5 mins after Sq. Cleans

Section 2:
A) 2 Min Max reps pullups
rest exactly 3 min
B) 2 min max lbs STO (shoulder to overhead)
– multiply reps by lbs on bar
*Multiply part A and B for Section 2 score.

Add section 1 and 2 scores for pinball scores.
Where are you headed?

Do you have any idea?

If you don’t know, where do you expect to end up?

Naz helps her man get through #murph @jeremyejones
You can do it, Jonesy!

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