Good Sportsmanship

Good Sportsmanship

Today’s Skill
The Burpee

Today’s Workout
Complete 5 rounds, resting in between. Each round is for individual time.

1 minute jumping rope
10 burpees
Run 50m

Today’s Game
Build & Move a FortRecently our word of the week was “sportsmanship” and I asked the students to tell me examples of what they thought good sportsmanship was. I was impressed with their answers! We discussed following the rules, not cheating, being respectful of equipment, and most importantly being respectful of each other. They even told me stories of teammates and friends who had done special things to demonstrate sportsmanship at school and on their teams. We decided as a group to demonstrate good sportsmanship, not only at CrossFit Kids LA, but also in our lives, outside of sports!

Lena loves sit ups!



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