Got Kids?

Well, CrossFit LA kids certainly does. I want to share with you what these amazing kids are up to.  Yes, we do CrossFit here, but mostly we have fun, work hard and move our bodies.  That’s my goal for the program, get kids moving, have fun and build both strength and confidence.

I’ve been working with kids since I’ve been in college, so over 15 years of experience with kids in health and fitness setting. It’s almost as long as I’ve been weight lifting- which I started when I was a teenager.  If you’ve got kids, send them my way. If you love working with kids, I’m always looking for assistants. If you know someone with kids please share this video with them.


Thursday’s Workout:
Mental Toughness

In 2min:
4 DB Man makers (45/30)
Max Row for cal
–2min Rest–

In 3min:
8 DB Man makers
Max Row for cal
–3min Rest–

In 4min:
12 DB Man makers
Max Row for cal
–4min Rest–

In 5min:
500m Row
Max Burpee pullups

And Coming Friday

     Front squats
     3-5 x 2 (~90-95%)

B) 2min Handstand hold
    2min Rest
    30 Overhead squats (50-55%)
    2min Rest
    30 Box jumps
    2min Rest
    200 Double unders
    –20min Cap–

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