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In a world where everything is done in short bursts and we’re used to getting practically instantaneous results, gradual is “out of style.” Yet the things that most people value greatest in their lives have come as a result of years of consistent work – gradually. Its very easy to get frustrated when you’re not seeing the results you want on a daily basis, especially in the areas that we work with in CrossFit like performance and weight loss. When you look around at the people who are successful – who have lost weight and kept it off, who have improved their running speed and the amount of weight they can lift, and who are consistently at the top of the leader boards – notice that their success has come as a result of consistency in one or more disciplines over many, many years. Nothing takes the place of daily habits, done consistently over long stretches of time. What’s you’re experience with gradual in your life?

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Leslie – focused in her overhead press.

Today’s Workout

Overhead Squat 15-15-15-15



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