Grass-Fed Butter?

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Today’s Workout
3 min max double unders, followed by:
“Death by Lateral Burpees and Deadlifts” (225/155)
Min1: 1 LB, 1 DL
Min2: 2 LB, 2 DLDid you even know there was such a thing as grass-fed butter? As you may or may not know, on a 100% strict Paleo diet, butter is not allowed. Most of us (Whole Life participants included!), however, allow for butter as it is considered a “good fat.” There may be some people, however, who still react to the dairy aspects and shouldn’t have it in their diet.

Or, maybe they just need to find the right butter! I learned recently about the differences between butter that comes from grass-fed versus grain-fed cows. Of course, grass-fed came out on top, containing more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid – you may not know what it is, but it’s good for you) and vitamins. Grass-fed butter also had a better ratio of Omega-6 fatty acid to Omega-3 fatty acid (this is also one of the reasons you should buy the Omega-3 eggs at the store).

The crazy thing is you can actually just LOOK at grass-fed butter next to a stick of grain-fed butter and see the difference. Grass-fed butter is golden in color and that’s not from chemicals – it’s naturally that way due to the abundance of nutrients. And go figure, it tastes better, too!

But it can’t be that easy right? Where do you find such a thing? And you’re probably thinking, “Oh boy, another expensive thing to buy now that I’m eating Paleo.”

Not so! Turns out you can find grass-fed butter all over the place if you know what you’re looking for. Two brands to look for whose animals are all pastured (grass-fed) are Kerrygold and Anchor. My favorite brand is Organic Valley. While Organic Valley is not always grass-fed, at certain times of the year they put out a seasonal “pastured butter” in a green foil that is a great deal and totally grass-fed. Plus, you can freeze butter! I stock up during the pastured butter season, so I’m good for most of the year.

A portion of our household butter stash.



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