Grass-Fed Beef and YOU!

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Today’s Workout
Complete As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 minutes of
100 Double Unders
10 Handstand Push-upsLast week we started a really exciting new program with a brand new partner, Estancia Beef. As a result of our new relationship we can bring exclusively to members of the CFLA community great deals on some really fantastic grass-fed meat — delivered right to the gym!

Any way you cut it, grass-fed beef is healthier for you and the planet than CAFO, grain-fed beef. Aside from being fed a diet that includes corn, soy, spent brewery and distiller’s grain, candy (including wrappers), citrus pulp and peanut shells, CAFO cows live among the sick and the dying, with no healthy separation between their living area and their waste. Their nutritional profiles are completely different, as well. CAFO beef is not only high in omega-6, but missing almost any trace of omega-3. Trying to avoid soy? If you are eating feedlot beef raised on soy you are still exposing yourself to high levels of soy estrogen when you eat their meat.

Grass-fed beef is rich in vitamins B, beta-carotene, E and K along with minerals like magnesium, calcium and selenium. The cattle just ate healthier food — the food it was designed for. Grass-fed animals eat a huge variety of grasses, with a wide variety of nutrients. You are what you eat and so are they. Did the animal you are eating consume healthy, vital and varied pasture-land or did it eat genetically modified soy and corn raised in fallow land replete with petroleum fertilizer?

For those of you who have purchased our beef or those of you considering it, I have provided 2 videos today. One of them explains how to cut up some of the simple primal cuts you will see, like rib-eye or New York steak. The second demonstrates how to take apart and cut up the top sirloin, a “multi-layered” piece of meat.

Happy eating!



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