As the Whole Life Challenge comes to an end we close with a wonderful lifestyle challenge; acknowledging gratitude. In the last couple years I feel I’ve understood and seen more gratitude in my own life. Each day I  get to wake up in my warm bed inside of  my perfect little home. I usually brew myself a hot cup of coffee and on days that I head to the gym, I enjoy it while coaching my morning classes.  Life truly is amazing. I feel like at least once I week I laugh at myself in some situation and say, “hey, is this really my life?”, in awe of its joy and beauty.

The good things in life are always around us, we just have to choose to see them. Giving gratitude for the small things I feel is the easiest. Here are some things that on a daily basis I’m appreciative for.  The sunshine that I see most everyday living in LA. My work that is 1.5 miles from my home. The lemon tree outside my backdoor. My washer and dryer. The smell of lavender. The picture of Ginger above my TV. Talking with my sister most mornings of the week, if even for just a min. My ability to move my body. Music and the joy it brings. Love and support from friends and family.

There are bigger things that I truly appreciate too.  I’m thankful my days are busy and full of the things that I love to do. I have the opportunity to help people in ways that sometimes I’m not even aware of. I see what happens in the gym with improved body mechanics which usually leads to decrease pain and a “fitter client”. I hear stories of physical feats outside of the gym and I LOVE hearing those stories.  I know confidence is built and gets put to use outside of the gym and I’m also building little relationships with all of you. All different and exactly how they should be.

In many articles they reference that gratitude brings happiness. I would agree if we take the time to acknowledge what’s good in life, its hard not to be happy about. Yes, life goes through ups and downs and there are times when I feel sadness or frustration, but wallowing in the sadness or frustration doesn’t make the situation any better. I’ve tried that, being mad or sad for a while, it’s actually hard work.  I’ve found if I take the time to look around, see what’s good and choose to be grateful it brings me happiness and peace.  In addition to gratitude I’m working on being more courageous, for me that mostly means saying what might feel uncomfortable. Speaking from my heart and remembering that I can’t and won’t please everyone and that’s ok.

Thank you all for being here and providing me a loving and special place to work and call home.

Today’s Workout
Recovery: Practice

A) Tabata These (8 x 20:10), ≤7 RPE
Row @ Damper 4
Row @ Damper 7
Row @ Damper 2
Row @ Damper 5

B) Handstand walk soiree

C) FQ @ ≤7 RPE
800m Run
–1min Rest–
60 Lunges
–1min Rest–
40 Deadlifts (45%)

And Coming Friday

Open Workout 16.3



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