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Back Squats
3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1Have you ever found yourself worrying about some little thing you wish were different about your body — chicken legs, 5 extra pounds where they don’t belong, frizzy hair that you can’t control no matter what — only to find yourself, in that moment, standing right in front of someone who really faces a physical challenge in life. A paraplegic, someone in a wheelchair, or, well, whatever…you imagine the one that really gets to you. And you catch yourself, breathe a sigh of relief and ask, “who am I to complain? That could be me. I have so much to be thankful for.”

It’s a huge eye opener, right? Well what if I told you that you had it all wrong?

You got in that moment that your life is good. But your life isn’t good by comparison, your life is good! Believe me, until you get that, you will always find another comparison that puts you right back where you started. Your life isn’t good or bad because of what isn’t. You life is good because of what is.

Only you are you. There is no comparison. No one else is a more perfect you! Isn’t that amazing? You are not a McNugget or an iPad. There is no factory pumping out exact replicas of you. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE. There will never be another person like you who offers your gifts and your incredibly unique perspective to the world.

There are more amazing things in your life that you can be grateful for than you could ever list. I dare you — try. You will find new ones every day, every hour even. And not just the big things, like a great job or a new car. The little things, like the whales you caught a glimpse of off of the coast or the tree that grows right outside of your window. Like the neighbor who always smiles and says hello or the old friend from high school who never forgets your birthday. Like hot cocoa with marshmallows or someone scratching your back when it really itches.

If you have chicken legs, 5 extra pounds or frizzy hair, your life is good. If you have no legs or are in a wheelchair, your life is good. You get to say, moment by moment, if everything is perfect exactly the way that it is. Try looking every day for what you are grateful for rather than for what is “wrong.” What is “wrong” will always be there, I promise. You won’t forget it if you leave off of it for a while.

I take it back. Practice gratitude for long enough and you may actually forget that there was ever anything wrong.

Tell me in comments, what are you grateful for right now?

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