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Rope Climb Anchors

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Personal Record Day Practice

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Clean the Yard

The other day I was talking with a friend and we were remembering all the things we wanted to do as as child when we grew up. I had a list that wasn’t super long, but interesting for sure. First on my list, ballerina. I had a very inspirational teacher named Karen when I was younger, she made ballet fun. I also saw beautiful ballerinas on TV and thought “that’s what I want to do”. Next on my list was a mortician. Strange as it may sound, I thought it would be awesome to do peoples make up. Third on the list, a floral nurse. You might ask, what is floral nurse? It’s something I made up, I love helping people and I love flowers, so why not make a job that does both? After my prerequisites in college I started nursing school and finished with a degree in health promotion fitness management. So, nursing didn’t work out, but I took a stab at it. After college I worked at a floral shop, delivering, arranging and enjoying flowers. Now that I am “grown up” I love what I do. I get to help people feel better through getting them moving and educating them about fitness, nutrition and finding balance in their life.

What does your kid want to be when they grow up and how are you encouraging them?

Maxi working on her rope skills



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