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So this story actually happend to me… and I wonder how many people can relate ’cause they may be doing the same stuff…

There is a coffee shop (not a coffee lover, pretend you might be) a block away from my house. It’s one shop of only two so it’s not a chain that is recognizable but I go because they serve the best espresso in town. It’s also not Starbucks which is good. I go at least five times per week to relax, have an espresso, and leave 20 minutes later after reading some pages in any book I might have my nose in.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered my drink and, in European tradition, a small glass of water is served with it. Not today. So I asked the guy (barista #1) behind the register for some water and he said, “yeah, there’s some right next to you. Help yourself.” Now, to his credit there WAS ice water and glasses two steps to my right. And I’m sure he thought he was being helpful by telling me how to help myself. But the point is he had every opportunity to give exceptional service RIGHT THERE. See, the water was the same distance to his left.

Every time I see him I get pissy. I realize it, hey, I’m human. So today I went in and another person made my order and provided a full glass of water and placed it next to my espresso without me asking anything. I complemented him on doing so ’cause other people haven’t done that in the past. This second barista said “not giving water with an espresso is like not giving ice with an iced tea. It’s not a complete order.”

I know, I know. It’s just coffee.

But in days where jobs are vanishing faster than beer at a college party being a “get bye” isn’t going to cut it.


Look closely at your business. Are you providing service like barista #1 or #2.

Post any thoughts to comments. Share with any affiliate who may need to wake up as well.

And watch this video and learn how to really give an amazing experience from a CAB DRIVER!



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