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How often do you hear about adults learning gymnastics for the first time? Well, until CrossFit came around, it was basically unheard of. Today, another story. With sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, free-running, and CrossFit the need and desire for gymnastic skills has never been greater. Additionally, gymnastics possesses the incredible ability to test your bodyweight conditioning and strength to the max. Well, yesterday we hosted our Second Annual Gymnastics Seminar at Broadway Gymnastics. We brought Roger Harrell down from CrossFit Marin, and spent time with skills on the rings, parallel bars, paralettes, high bar and, of course, the floor. If you didn’t catch it this time, don’t worry, we’ll be bringing our experiences from there, to you, in the gym. Hooray!

Getting Hollow!

Today’s Workout
4 rounds for time of
15 burpees
10 pull ups
5 Squat Clean & Jerks (155, 105)



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