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How much time do you spend inverted? Have you tried before only to find that you, a) hurt your wrists, b) get dizzy, c) get a headache, d) are afraid of going up and over on to your back? These are all indications that you don’t spend enough time upside down, because they all go away with time and practice. Some of the benefits of handstands include improved wrist strength and flexibility, increased spatial awareness, improved balance and coordination, increased blood flow to your brain, increased flexibility and strength in the shoulders and core strength and coordination. If you can’t yet do a free-standing handstand, work on them against a wall… they are a movement that should be practiced daily as they are the foundation of gymnastic movement.

Jeremy & Vanessa - walking on hands
Jeremy & Vanessa walking on their hands.

Today’s Workout
10 rounds for time of:
4 Handstand Push Ups
8 Pull Ups
12 Squats



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