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I’m reading a book called Resilience by Eric Greitens, which was a referral from one of my students parents. I’m moving through it slowly, but thoroughly enjoying it. There is a ton of good stuff in this book so I thought I would share just a little.

One of the recent chapters I read was entitled happiness.  Looking back, happiness was what I wanted when I grew up. I remember people used to ask me what I wanted and I would say, to be happy. I do still want to be happy but as life moves along and I continue to learn and grow the meaning of happiness seems different from when I was a child. More recently I thought of happiness as a choice, which is might just be, but it might be a state of mind or a state of being.

Eric writes about happiness and talks about it in the context of flourishing.  He referrers to the Greek world, to live well, which meant to live a flourishing life.  Now what does a flourishing life really look like?  He compared it to a tree which you can tell when a tree is flourishing, its colorful and lifelike and growing and overflowing. We know that the tree needs the proper surroundings to flourish, this tree needs light, water and some good soil. For humans to flourish we also need to be surrounded by love, education, challenge, encouragement, nutrients and support. Much like this community here at CFLA.

He also speaks about different kinds of happiness. The happiness of grace, the happiness of pleasure and the happiness of excellence.  The happiness of grace he defined as a free gift from God, like a sense of joy and gratitude. I’m sure many of you can identify with that. The happiness of pleasure can come from experiences. The happiness of excellence he said can often come from the engagement in the world and servicing others.

I know that experience happiness in many different ways and parts of my life and am very thankful for that. Much of that happiness comes from experiences right here at CFLA.  After reading this chapter I look at happiness with a bit more definition yet,  still something  that is hard to define.  I would love to hear what happiness means to you or what brings you happiness.

Thursday’s Workout:

3-5 x 5 (~80-85%)

Power cleans (50-55%)
Jumping lunges (2ct)

C) 4 RFQ with a partner
A) 200m Row
B) Max Handstand Hold
Switch and repeat

And Coming Friday:

3-5 x 5 (~80-85%)

B) Dip Party
Focus on position and loading

50 Double unders
10 Box jumps (24/20)
10 Overhead squats (60-65%)



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