Happy Birthday, Chip!

Happy Birthday, Chip!

Our baby Chip is growing up! He’s getting married in just a few, short weeks and today is his birthday – he’s 27. Do you believe it!? If you see him today, wish him well. He’s a stellar human being full of passion and love. He is developing into a super coach because of his dedication to the improvement of movement and the art of mastery. We love ya, Chip! (Photo provided by Lauren Casady :))


Wednesday’s Workout

A) Snatch balance
70% x 3
75% x 3
80% x 3

B) EMOM 10
Behind the neck jerks (40-50%)

C) 3 RFQ
5 Deadlifts (60-70%)
5 Bar muscle ups
5 Deep breaths through nose
**9min Cap**

And Coming Thursday

200m MB run
4 Muscleups
8 MB sit to stands (20/14)
16 MB burpees
32 MB Russian twists



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