Happy New Year!

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You guys, we’re so excited to get back to the regular schedule! Hope you are, too. On Monday, we start our new Super MidDay Class! The noon class and the 1pm class will join forces and become one. The Super MidDay Class begins at 12:30.

Don’t forget: the Whole Life Challenge begins January 16. Join the CrossFit Los Angeles team by Jan 4 to receive discounted registration. Check out wholelifechallenge.com for more info.

Saturday’s Workout

AMRAP 24 w/ a partner
120m Row
10 Pushups
8 KB Goblet squats (24/16)
6 Pullups
–1 partner working at a time, while the other performs static hold as listed below–
–0-6min: Hollow, 6-12min: Cobra, 12-18min: Plank, 18-24min: Farmer

Sunday’s Workout

5 Rounds with a Partner:
Partner A – 100m Farmer’s DB Carry (55/35)
Partner B – 10 Burpees Box Jumps, 20 Sit Ups
Switch stations when both have completed work

Monday’s Workout
“Welcome Back”
400m Run
10 Front Squats
20 Toe to Bar



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